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Thank you for visiting the McKeachnie Law Offices web site. This web site was designed to help you determine if and how our firm can help you. Use the menu on the left to learn about our services or to contact us over the web. I hope we can serve your legal needs.


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We think of ourselves as problem solvers and advisors with the ability to help people in their place of business or home, in our office as well as in court, if necessary. We believe some of our most valuable work is when we help prevent problems and facilitate transactions ending in happy results. We also work as mediators to resolve disputes so people do not have to go to court.

For answers to questions or for counseling, please contact our office. We would be happy to receive your e-mail comments. However, we cannot respond substantively to your e-mail request for legal advice until after a conflict check is performed, and a billing agreement is reached after an initial consultation. Please do not send any confidential information by e-mail. No attorney-client relationship is formed until an agreement is reached after an initial consultation. Our e-mail address: